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Anna Hinze Coaching
Westerdok 418
1013 BH Amsterdam
tel.: 020 - 638 11 24


Looking for a coach?

Success in balance

Are you looking for a coach with experience, who reflects with you on new points of view in your personal search for what it is about in your life?
Do you notice that, in the complexity of a busy life with many responsibilities, you want to spend more time on the things that really matter to you?
Do you feel the desire to re-determine your motives?
Do you want to improve the balance between work and private life?
Do you wish to take another look at your personal talents and how to make better use of them?
Do you want to be more conscious of what gives you energy and what are your energy drains?

Then you are looking for a life coach.

I am associate coach of the Dutch Organisation of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) , www.nobco.nl
and the European Coaching Federation
I am member of theInternational Coaching Federation (ICF) www.icf-nl.org .

My method

It is based on the science of positive psychology and solution focussed.
I do not only coach you with respect for who you are, but also with much pleasure: aimed at solutions and looking for possibilities instead of problems. A coaching course with me is about matters that touch the core. It aims at your personal development.
In that development, I assist you

  • by addressing the balance between work and private life;
  • by helping you determine what your talents are;
  • by reflecting with you on what you passion is and what you really think are worthy goals;
  • and what you wish to accomplish in the various aspects of your life.

You will become more aware of the energy drains in your life and how you can minimise these.

Together with you, I map out what already goes well and help you to improve from there. This way, you will learn to “navigate” and find a balance between your inner needs and the demands placed on you by the outside world. You will become more aware of (gender specific) patterns and how you can break through these, if needed.

This releases creativity that can be used for new challenges. This in turn contributes to a better balance. It is often a real relief to truly realise what your heart goes out to, what excites you and where your priorities are.

The result is a better balance and a new course

Built the bridge

Nowadays, professionals are expected to be able to deal with complexity. This is improved when you are able to develop and to engage others in a shared purpose. In coaching, I assist you to become aware of the direction you want to lead and to purposefully “build the bridge while crossing it”. For this, I also work with your biography.

About me

Besides my background as medical specialist and psychotherapist, I have years of experience as a life coach and trainer, both in the medical world and in professional organisations. I dedicate myself to counsel people to improve their health, to optimise their stress management and develop sustainable tools for quality of life. In this, my scientific knowledge on the difference between men and women when dealing with stress is a great help. With respect and pleasure, I look at your possibilities and assets and advise you on how to handle your more vulnerable sides, with an eye for balance between the need for freedom and connection. This approach leads to optimal emotional intelligence, a prediction for personal success and good leadership.

Usually, six to ten sessions bring about the desired development. You will regularly receive assignments. Of course, it is important that you make time in your schedule to complete these assignments.

For people that live too far away or for who travel time is an issue: coaching by telephone is also an option.

The individual coaching conversations last an hour to an hour and a half each time.
Costs: €180,- per hour, excl. VAT.
Monthly subscriptions are also possible: For €500,- excl. VAT you can be coached for 3 hours a month.
Meetings are scheduled to your wishes as much as possible.
Meetings cancelled on the workday before the meeting will be charged.

More information? Please contact me!

Tel.: +31 (0)20-6381124
Email: info@annahinzecoaching.nl or a.hinze@planet.nl
URL: http://www.annahinzecoaching.nl/